Builders Construction Services

For excellence, reasonable priced after project cleaning and after renovation cleaning we can offer some of the best service and rates for builder’s project cleans.

Office services

When a new client walks through the door, they start making judgments about your company right away. And part of their overall impression relates to the cleanliness of your office.

Window Cleaning:

We use latest technology in Di-Ionised Water Fed Pole System, as the water is filtered it becomes Di-Ionised therefore it doesn’t contain any solids or minerals. As a result, the water that is filtered through the unit doesn’t leave any residue giving you crystal clear glass

Maintenance (New Service for 2016):

We have just added this new service to our expanding business portfolio for 2016. SCDIS values all customers; our intent is to provide professionalism and quality handyman services. We will do those little jobs that you have been putting off for months

Disability Services

Like everyone else, people with a disability’s have the right to respect for their human worth and dignity and to full participation in Australian society equal to all others,

Domestic Services

With 30 years in the business we know a few things about cleaning and our success is due to treating our clients with respect and dignity. We say yes to cleaners with the right attitude and gently decline clients expecting miracle’s in their abodes for two hours and 20 dollars!

Gift Vouchers

For that special occasion such as Mother's Day Birthdays Easter Christmas or just to say Thank You Our beautifully presented gift vouchers Are available for any occasion You nominate the amount of hours you Would like to give and let SCDIS Do the rest.