Window Cleaning

Outside Window Cleaning:

  • We use latest technology in Di-Ionised Water Fed Pole System, as the water is filtered it becomes Di-Ionised therefore it doesn’t contain any solids or minerals. As a result the water that is filtered through the unit doesn’t leave any residue giving you crystal clean glass and no need to squeegee the glass.
  • Using ladders on high windows takes a level of care and is a safety matter, by using our water fed pole system we can reach 12 metres high from the ground, therefore we don’t require use of any ladders making it safer work environment.

Inside Window Cleaning:

  • We use traditional window cleaning methods with a squeegee, using high quality products and equipment to ensure a professional finish.
  • We take great care when cleaning your inside windows, with regular wiping to ensure that any cleaning products don’t get onto any furniture. If required we will cover any furniture or appliances.

Did you know:

  • With regular window cleaning twice a year, this assists with any mineral build up, contaminants and staining on the glass, which gives that cloudy effect. Caused from the outside elements and inside from dust, cooking oils, condensation from variance of temperatures inside vs. outside or mould.
  • Mould is a fungal growth. It grows in homes under the right conditions, Not all people are adversely affected by mould. However it can emit particles that may cause some people to sneeze. This is not necessarily an allergy; like a dust storm, it is a reaction to the particlesin the air.
  • Often, moulds can also release a musty odour which can be disagreeable Toxic moulds produce mycotoxins that can pose serious health risks. Some studies claimed that exposure to high levels of mycotoxins can lead to neurological problems.
  • Let the outside light shine in, crystal clear windows will brighten up your home, clean windows will also enhance your outside views of your gardens, it will also add value to your home. Don’t leave window cleaning until just before an event, party or when you are about to sell your home, you will be astonished by the difference.
  • We don’t use products that will degrade seals and screens, like some of the products our competitors use.

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