Disability Services

Like everyone else, people with a disability have the right to respect for their human worth and dignity and to full participation in Australian society equal to all other, Our Service providers take into account individual choice and the rights of each person and act in their best interests. We assist elderly and disabled clients who along with their families rely on us to provide a house cleaning service with specialized tasks. SCDIS can also provide assistancewith, cleaning mobility aids and wheelchairs, and keeping the home tidy and free from junk.

We are trained and experienced in cleaning thoroughly using safe and environmentally friendly products, while keeping items easy to find and easy to reach.

Disabled and elderly clients can sleep in fresh, clean beds and use well sanitized bathrooms that are free of germs. We enjoy working with disabled and elderly clients and feel privileged when we are chosen to clean their homes.

Our services are cost effective enough for those on fixed income or with limited resources. Some clients save money by having us do the cleaning and tidying of the home rather than paying a nurse to do so. We do not provide medical care but work alongside nurses when nursing care is also provided. We happily accept and provide referrals.

Disabled and elderly clients enjoy their quality of life and are more socially active when their living space is clean and presentable. We reduce the risk of illness by disinfecting and thoroughly cleaning areas that our clients might not be able to easily reach or bother with.
We also work well with nurses who may be taking care of medical needs and procedures, enabling them to be attentive to their tasks. If you feel we can assist you please contact us. We assure you of a very reliable, sympathetic and caring service at all times.