Maintenance (New Service for 2016):

We have just added this new service to our expanding business portfolio for 2016. SCDIS values all customers; our intent is to provide professionalism and quality handyman services. We will do a those little jobs that you have been putting off for months

We always work with customers when quoting, as we have years of experience in this field to provide best come for your requirements. We always strive to arrive on-time, however at times this may not possible. We will always call to keep your informed, to ensure that you don’t waste time.

As this is a new service, if there is a job that you need done and is not on the below list, please call to to see what we can do for you discuss matter with us.


  • Replacement of door and cupboard handles
  • Replacement of light globes
  • Replace of tap washers, and reseat your taps to extend the life of your washers
  • Replacement shower heads & taps
  • Installing towel rails and toilet holders
  • Installation of blinds & curtain tracks
  • Repairs to damaged gyprock walls
  • Hanging of pictures

Did you know:

  • Reduce your electricity bill, by upgrading all your old light globes to Led light bulbs
  • Leaking taps will add costs to your water bill
  • Updating your shower head with 9L/Minute, will reduce your annual water costs
  • By keeping your house well maintained, this will increase the value of your property
Terms & Conditions

Quotes and Estimates: (for full terms & condition please ask)

All quoting is done on-site, unfortunately we do not do phone quotes.