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For excellence, reasonable priced after project cleaning and after renovation cleaning we can offer some of the best service and rates for builder’s project cleans. After all builders and construction cleans are a crucial element to the building and renovation process. Once all the chippy’s, brickies, lasterers and floor laying has been done this is where SCDIS comes in.

It’s vital to an effective after construction cleaning service having the highest level of consideration to detail. Our procedure encompasses very deliberate and specific approaches to cleaning, which most other construction cleaning services fail to monitor.

Our staff ensure that no crevice is left unchecked and that every bit of dust is removed from every possible surface so that the valuable asset can be handed over a "job completed" to the highest possible standard. It's important that you deliver your new home build, construction project or renovation in the finest condition possible, and that means perfect in every way clean.

Every construction clean is different which is why we take the time to go through your specific needs before starting your job. We outline the job requirements and draw up the cleaning project management schedule. Once we are both in agreement our team of construction cleaners go to work to turn your renovation or building project into a work of skill sets so that your project is presented to the highest possible standard.

  • Removing dirt, dust, paint, plaster and whatever else from floors, walls, windows, doors
  • Dusting and highly polishing of all surfaces where possible, plus inside cupboards and drawers
  • Professional Consentaneous hard working cleaners
  • Latest possible cleaning supplies and equipment used
  • reasonable priced after project cleaning

All new builds will lead to a build-up of dust, dirt/grime and building rubble. Sure you can bin it and do a quick whip around and rubbish removal job but there will be areas that your crew will undoubtedly miss. Our meticulous team of construction cleaning service professionals make sure that all dust, dirt, grime and left over rubbish is removed. You can be assured that when we finish cleaning you can hand over the property to the new owners or tenants without a worry in the world.

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